Saturday, August 21, 2010

Memorial Weekend at Lake Brownwood

I think we've started a new tradition, going to Pop's lake house for Memorial Weekend! We always have SO much fun and create SO many memories here!

`Cutter, Rylee and Karsen taking turns driving!

Cutter and I tubing! He is FEARLESS!

Rylee and Kori took their turns on the jet Seadoo! Rylee was very courageous, which made her mommy proud!

Justin came down on Saturday and took his turn holding sweet Payton!

Brittney, Kori and Chad

One proud Mommy!
Brittney and Karsen

I loved holding Payton! He is such a great baby!

Ashley, Jason and Pops

Tyler, Justin and Karsen

Chad and Payton

The newly extended Keesee Family!
Brittney, Chad and Payton

Silly Boys!
Cutter and Tyler

Sweet Karsen

This was our attempt at getting all the cousins together!
Cutter, Rylee, Payton and Karsen


  1. Ughhh, I still look pregnant in these pics!!!

  2. Give yourself some credit, you were at the lake TWO weeks after little Payton was born! I love you lots and thanks for going with us!